Galería Rafa

Rubén Guerrero

La réplica afectiva (estratégico y darwiniano)

In the same way that Archimedes’ game known as Stomachion could be solved in different ways without altering the result, Rubén Guerrero poses, with his second solo exhibition at Galería Rafael Ortiz, the suspicion that each image contains multiple and different formal translations, understanding that each one of them is equally valid.

Accepting this premise, Guerrero proposes a morphological, strategic and Darwinian exercise in the opposite direction to the usual sketching process, using in this case a resulting work to propose, then, different versions of the same motif from very different pictorial perspectives. In this way, the different approaches and their multiple mimetic and technical possibilities become evident, consciously and premeditatedly renouncing the idea of style.

These are precise, stratified and concentrated works, in which paint is almost used as a construction material. For this purpose, the painter uses architectural motifs, fragments of surfaces and sculptural reliefs where simple geometric figures are inscribed, as if they were interventions. This gives these works a dual and ambiguous character, leading to a second deferred reading that reminds us of Jan Dibbets’ well-known series Corrección perspectiva (Perspective Correction).

Counterposing and, at the same time, combining the most gestural abstraction with figurative exercises of extreme rigor; oscillating between the analytical and the synthetic… Rubén Guerrero emphasizes the confrontation between different pictorial strategies, and not so much in the individual nature of each one of them, proposing a holistic, general reflection on painting that makes the boundaries between abstraction and figuration seem vague.


Rubén Guerrero

Sevilla, 1976.

Licenciado en la Facultad de Bellas Artes Isabel de Hungría de Sevilla en la Especialidad de Pintura en 1999.


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Premio a la Mejor Exposición de Abierto Valencia 2014.
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Mención de Honor en el VI Premio ABC de Pintura y Fotografía, Madrid. 
Finalista en el XLIII Certamen de Artes Plásticas Caja San Fernando.

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I Premio de Pintura del XXIV Certamen Nacional de Pintura del Ayuntamiento de Alcalá de Guadaira, Sevilla.   

I Premio de Pintura, Jóvenes Valores. Real Maestranza de Sevilla.

I Premio de Pintura, Jóvenes Valores. Real Maestranza de Sevilla.

I Premio de Pintura, Jóvenes Valores. Real Maestranza de Sevilla.