Galería Rafa

“A la maner de…”

In museums, it is common to find labels with phrases such as the following: “studio of…”, “school of…”. It is also common to read “attributed to…”, “disciple of…”, “follower of…” in auction catalogues.

This exhibition, “A la manera de…” (“In the manner of…”), has been conceived as an acknowledgement to those anonymous artists who are in History because of an stylistic or technical approximation to the masters, and as a tribute to the leading artists of modern and contemporary art.

For this purpose, a selection of contemporary artists have been invited to participate in this exhibition by creating pieces that fit in the proposed topic, in absolute freedom to choose the referenced authors. This freedom has enriched this project and made it very diverse.

In the present, when celebrity artists have a dominant position both in the market and in the media, it is important to promote other practices. In this case, we promote the artists’ expression of affinity to other artists whom they admire or who had served as guides in the development of their careers. This will, in turn, help us better understand the artists’ trajectories.

“A la manera de…” intends to bring the visitor into a sort of cabinet that holds a private –and fictitious– collection. The variety of techniques represented –painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, installation– adds realism to this collection in which the spectators and their discernment will be just as important as the pieces themselves.

Participating artists: José María Baez, Patricio Cabrera, Nacho Carbó, Luis Cruz, Carlos Domingo, Teresa Duclós, Dorothea von Elbe, Carlos Forns, Curro González, Carmen Laffón, Marc Larré, Miki Leal, Nico Munuera, O/C, Juan Olivares, Javier Palacios, Emilio Parrilla, José Miguel Pereñíguez, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Paco Reina, Inmaculada Salinas, José Ramón Sierra, Juan Suárez, Tactelgraphics, Ignacio Tovar, Daniel Verbis and Nelo Vinuesa.

Honoured artists: Jaime Burguillos, Paul Cézanne, Giorgio de Chirico, Joseph Cornell, Fortunato Depero, Félix González Torres, Hannah Höch, Yves Klein, Sol Lewitt, Henri Matisse, Henry Moore, Giorgio Morandi, Isamu Noguchi, Gabriel Orozco, Jorge Oteiza, Victor Pasmore, Francis Picabia, Sigmar Polke, Robert Rauschenberg, Ad Reinhard, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Georges Seurat, Frank Stella, Vladimir Tatlin and Joaquín Torres García.


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