Galería Rafa

Gerardo Delgado

“Ángulos y tramas”’ (Angles and Wefts), the second exhibition by Gerardo Delgado (Olivares, Seville, 1942) in Galería Rafael Ortiz, is formed by a group of paintings made in 2020 and 2021, years of confinement and, consequently, years of intensive work for the artist. In this exhibition, two somewhat complementary series are shown: the series ‘Espacios angulares’ (Angular Spaces) , where bands of colors are presented superimposed on a surface developed in angles, highlighting their edges; and the series “Tramas negras” (Black Wefts), where a black framework structures the background, leaving bands and triangles of contrasting colors, either in individual paintings or diptych.

Self-taught in his technical and artistic training, Gerardo Delgado studied architecture between 1959 and 1967 at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Sevilla. In 1967 he received the Painting Prize La Pasarela for two geometric reliefs that the viewers could alter to create their own compositions. From that moment on, Delgado has dedicated himself to painting, working on space and geometry. Between 1969 and 1971 he took part in a seminar on the automatic generation of plastic forms at Universidad de Madrid. He combined his artistic carreer with his work in the field of education, being professor of Architectural Forms Analysis at the Escuela de Arquitectura de Sevilla between 1968 and 1990. In 1996 he joined the Department of Projects.

In 1982 he began working in the field of graphic design and organizing exhibitions for “Fundación La Caixa” in Madrid, as well as for other institutions, taking part in more than 70 exhibitions.

Between 1978 and 1981 he became a founding member of the magazine ‘Separata’, on literature, art and thought. In 1984 he moved his studio to Olivares, and it is from that moment that making series of works became his working system. This was also the moment that Delgado started to show a growing interest in mixing order and chaos: he works with pure geometric approaches in order to create sharp contrasts of shapes and colors.

With a broad and extensive artistic career, Delgado has had countless exhibitions in many parts of Spain as well as in Brazil, Peru, the USA, France, Moscow… In 2017 the CAAC (Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art) organized the retrospective exhibition ‘Gerardo Delgado, aprender de todas las cosas’ (Gerardo Delgado, Learning from All Things) where the public could enjoy a very broad overview of his work.