Galería Rafa

Actividad realizada con la ayuda del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte


The exhibition “Tesoros, rarezas y curiosidades” (Treasures, Rarities and Curiosities) is conceived as a collection, a work in progress. When we talk to collectors about their collections, whatever their field, they always indicate that the greatest satisfaction, apart from the pure contemplation, is the teaching, the knowledge acquired in the process of collecting. The objects become “family”, with all that this implies: enjoyment, care… Over time, the elements become closer to each other, composing an intimate landscape. This landscape built, according to our tastes or concerns, as a private island makes us, at the same time, wiser, more sensitive to life.

This is a project open on many fronts, a project that invites anyone who dares to enter the exhibition to appreciate it without prejudice. Varied and eclectic, it aims to stir consciences and break down taboos. And why not?to encourage people to start collecting.

Throughout time, artists have felt compelled to bear witness to the qualities and characteristics of our ever-changing world. As a reflection of this long shared history, the exhibition brings together works by very different artists such as Graciela Iturbide, Imi Knoebel, Eugenio Ampudia, Lugán, Fernando Lorite, Equipo 57, Luis Gordillo, José Manuel Capuletti…

United by a common intention to investigate, observe and bear witness to the complex world in which we live, each of the works on display reflects a part of the environment that surrounds us, provoking in the viewer a kind of journey in search of their own inner landscape.

Featured artists: Eugenio Ampudia, José Mª Baez, Manuel Barbadillo, Manolo Bautista, Monika Buch, Jaime Burguillos, Carmen Calvo, Miguel Ángel Campano, José Manuel Capuletti, Luis Claramunt, Equipo 57, Luis Gordillo, Mª Victoria Heredia, Sara Huete, José Mª Iglesias, Graciela Iturbide, Imi Knoebel, Aitor Lara, Fernando Lorite, Lugán, Luis Mayo, Juan Olivares, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Antonio Sosa, Daniel Verbis, Zush-Evru.

Actividad realizada con la ayuda del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte

EUGENIO AMPUDIA. Melgar, Valladolid. 1958.

JOSÉ Mª BAEZ. Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. 1949.

MANUEL BARBADILLO. Cazalla de la Sierra, Sevilla. 1929 – Málaga, 2002.

MANOLO BAUTISTA. Lucena, Córdoba. 1974.

MONIKA BUCH. Valencia. 1936.

JAIME BURGUILLOS. Sevilla. 1930 – 2003.

MIGUEL ÁNGEL CAMPANO. Madrid. 1948 – Cercedilla, Madrid. 2018.

CARMEN CALVO. Valencia. 1950.

JOSÉ MANUEL CAPULETTI. Lillo del Pozo, Valladolid. 1925 – Eltville am Rhein, Alemania. 1978

LUIS CLARAMUNT. Barcelona. 1951 – Zarauz. 2000.

EQUIPO 57. Córdoba, 1957- París, 1962.

LUIS GORDILLO. Sevilla, 1934.


SARA HUETE. Santander. 1958.

JOSÉ Mª IGLESIAS. Madrid. 1933 – 2005.

GRACIELA ITURBIDE. México DF, México. 1942.

IMI KNOEBEL. Dessau, Alemania. 1940.

AITOR LARA. Barakaldo. 1974.


LUGÁN (Luis García Núñez). Madrid. 1929 – 2021.

LUIS MAYO. Madrid. 1964.

JUAN OLIVARES. Catarroja, Valencia. 1973.


ANTONIO SOSA. Coria del Río, Sevilla. 1952.

DANIEL VERBIS. León. 1968.

ZUSH-EVRU. Barcelona. 1946.