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Essentia Formalis / Foams, Rocks and Ink

This new exhibition by Nico Munuera (Lorca, Spain, 1974) at Rafael Ortiz Gallery (his fourth solo exhibition in our space in Seville) takes its title, Essentia Formalis / Foams, Rocks and Ink, from one of the central pieces that can be seen in the gallery.

These works, in appearance far from the traditional format of a painting installed on a wall, present an encounter with the intuitive processes and relationships that occur naturally in the artist’s studio. Ways of relating formal and temporal situations, which determine the construction of thought in its rational and intuitive evolution, and make up the painting. Time of action, time of observation and time of deep experience that impregnates what we see with concepts and emotions. A process of configuration and inner movement, which constantly determines its outer appearance.

Paintings, water and pigment in essence, that behave on the canvas like the imperceptible and solid movement that determines the formation of a rock in an infinitely slow process. The fragile, and fleeting white foam that slams itself incessantly. The ink, ethereal, almost on the verge of disappearing, forever defines the limits of the painting on a piece of paper. Paintings that move us deeply, just like our connection to nature. Paintings that scream in a whisper. A language perfectly understandable and accurate for each of us, but absolutely impossible to translate.

I firmly believe that, in art, when what is done originates from within the individual, from intuition, it is of an axiomatic truth, very different from what requires explanations to be believed. And then, its direction, its sense, will be that of perfection. In short: I consider that what is simply believed is worth more than what is reasonably understood. One seeks the experience for the mere satisfaction of confirming what one believes, an attempt to reach the intangible. And that is how I came to understand myself without any eagerness to convince anyone of anything. 

Ángel Ferrán

Actividad realizada con la ayuda del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte