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Graciela Iturbide


Graciela Iturbide (Mexico, 1942) is currently one of the most significant figures on the international scene and an indisputable reference for several generations of photographers. Her work is characterized by images that show great simplicity, with portraits that capture people’s lives, as well as the rhythm and warmth of their traditions. After more than five decades with a camera, her work –best known for portraying indigenous communities in her native Mexico– has achieved something unusual: it is admired by critics, praised by her fellow photographers, and adored by the public. She continues to travel, make photography and exhibit her work around the world.

Her relationship with still life in garden portraits; the use of portrait as an experience to approach people, objects, the female world, indigenous cultural frontiers and, of course, the rituals of celebration and death, constitute the different landscapes, always in black and white, captured by his camera: “The camera and being a photographer was a pretext to know the world. Going out to photograph is going out to look for surprise”. For her, the camera is an instrument to share, to make visible what, for many, is invisible.

Awarded the prestigious Hasselblad Prize in 2008, her work is now fully recognised after a long and intense trajectory in which there have been no lack of prizes, recognitions and exhibitions in the most relevant museum institutions worldwide.

In 2018 his works could be seen in two major exhibitions at the Alcobendas Art Centre (Madrid, Spain) and at the Barrié Foundation (A Coruña, Spain). The exhibition Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico at the Fine Arts Museum of Boston (Boston, USA) is currently offering a retrospective of her work.