Inmaculada Salinas


Guadalcanal, Seville, 1967

Artist and graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, she held her first solo exhibition in 1996 and since then she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain, Portugal and Germany, as well as in several countries in South America: Colombia, Mexico … Her work is present in important collections such as Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid) or CAAC (Seville), among others.

Inmaculada Salinas considers it her duty as an artist to provoke reflection on the world around her. And she wonders, can today’s misnamed self-absorbed painting incite to that? In the face of so much hollow, empty, anodyne, integrated and institutionalized shouting, can the reflection of a simple rhythm, silence, even the suicidal gesture or the flight from the prevailing, provoke reflection? Or do we simply let it pass as something “useless”?

She affirms that perhaps it is in the moment of questioning that life becomes more meaningful. For Inmaculada, hearing the voice has to do with something deeper than sound. The voice is presence, that is why in her latest proposals she puts into operation a network capable of collecting and analyzing absences and presences and together with them their qualities.