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Inmaculada Salinas


Guadalcanal, Spain, 1967

Inmaculada Salinas, graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, made her first individual exhibition in 1996. Since then, she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, Germany, USA, Colombia, Mexico… Recently her work has become part of the collection of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the collection of the National Bank of Spain or the Perez Art Museum (Miami, USA).

The work of Inmaculada Salinas is a dialogue between its components, as well as a dialogue with the spectator. She considers it her duty as an artist to make people reflect on the world that surrounds them: “the kind of art that interests me is the one that makes me question what I see and what they are telling me”. And she wonders, can the misnamed self-absorbed painting do so? Faced with so much hollow, empty, anodyne, integrated and institutionalized scream, can a simple rhythm, silence, or even the suicidal gesture or escaping from what prevails make us reflect? Or do we simply let it pass uselessly?

She asserts that perhaps it when we question things that life becomes more meaningful. For Inmaculada, hearing the voice has to do with something deeper than sound. The voice is presence, and that is why in her latest proposals she sets up a network capable of collecting and analysing absences and presences and, together with them, their qualities.

Her work questions what is visible in everyday life in order to delve into aspects beyond appearance. One of her interests as an artist is to study and show the rhythms that the body and matter are capable of creating. Another common denominator in her works is the processual and repetitive character of the set of works, starting from a certain subject or theme. In her production we can find paintings, photographs, diverse material taken from the media or bibliographical references, and lately, more and more, drawing and a notorious autobiographical component. Archiving and narrative are concerns that have increased with the progress of her artistic career.