Jaime Burguillos


Seville, 1930-2003

Burguillos, one of the greatest representatives of Spanish abstraction, dedicated his entire life to painting. His work is part of important collections, such as those of the Cuenca Museum of Abstract Art, the Reina Sofía National Art Center, the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art, the Bank of Spain and the Juan March and La Caixa foundations.

Jaime Burguillos began to work within social realism at the end of the fifties to settle at the beginning of the sixties in a subtle and very personal abstraction that he will not abandon throughout his career.

His painting, like his own personality, is an affable, relaxed abstraction, without fanfare, in which light and color predominate over form. “Life goes by, and at every moment things are discovered, others are achieved, and others, in short, find solutions. It is like a ladder in which you climb steps,” said Jaime Burguillos himself.