José María Baez


Jerez, Cádiz. 1949

Jerez-born artist residing in Córdoba since 1960, he was a New Expressive Forms Grant from the Ministry of Culture in 1980 and has obtained the Navarra de Pintura 1995 and Martínez Guerricabeitia 1994 awards, among others.

With a coherent trajectory in which we find continuous exercises delving into the depth and mystery of color, José Mª Baez’s work fully fits into what we can define as modern pictorial tradition. His work is based on the audacity to accept, when everything surpasses us and overflows, something as vigorous and at the same time as elemental as the fluctuations in color that affect our retina, evoking natural yearnings and sensations. The image like this, does not get rid of loads, but quite the opposite: it retains the viewer demanding a reception time.

His work, present in important national collections, has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Spain and France and he has carried out very diverse interventions in public spaces, among which the ephemeral mural intervention carried out in the Cloister of the Center del Carme, IVAM, in Valencia as well as the intervention in the Roman Bridge in Córdoba.