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Luis Cruz Hernández EN

Luis Cruz Hernández


Valladolid, Spain. 1950

In the innocent procedure of recreating himself with disparity, dissimulating and displacing forms and objects, Luis Cruz Hernández achieves a new line of adventure. His new path incorporates certain nods to form, a process of decomposition and restitution very close to “collage” is born, playing with crossbreeding and hybridization. In this way, contrary realities intermingle torrentially for the benefit of a labyrinthine jungle of objects, landscapes glimpsed in his reverie, of moments without a before or after.

He has had numerous exhibitions both in Spain and in Europe. His work is present, among others, in the collections of the Reina Sofia National Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid, CAB (Centro de Arte Caja Burgos), Augusta City Hall (USA), Fundación Simancas (Valladolid), etc.