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Luis Gordillo EN

Luis Gordillo


Seville, 1934.

Sevillian author, although living in Madrid, he defines himself as a “mental painter”, using forms and images that are as enigmatic as they are endowed with great aesthetic impact. There are many Gordillos, but they are all in one, which contains, pluralizes and diversifies them.
Of polyhedral and incisive work, as intense as capable of dismantling or turning the apparent images of things in an X-ray of shapes and colors that questions what we consider real and, therefore, ourselves. Undoubtedly, one of the most consistent figures in art of our time both nationally and internationally.
We can see his works in the most important national and international museums and collections. Among the many awards he has received are the Velázquez Prize for Plastic Arts, the National Prize for Graphic Art, the Medal of Merit for Fine Arts and the National Prize for Plastic Arts.