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Luis Gordillo


Seville, 1934.

Luis Gordillo is a crucial figure of the contemporary art scene in Spain. His work evidences an open artistic discourse, marked by a tireless tenacity and continuous defiance. His constantly evolving work stems from a private quest and constant reflection. Image and form converge in the colour to produce a unique and highly personal quality of expression. His work is therefore an ongoing experimentation with light and colour; in other words, with vision and gaze. Extremely powerful and complex in form, his creations are open to multiple interpretations and employ different media ranging from paper and collage to canvas.

The aesthetic purpose of Gordillo’s work reveals an enormously subjective world and beckons us into his singular universe, which far from being arbitrary totally obeys an inner need. Gordillo’s style is never the result of a process but of his inimitable initiative, consistently charged with specific irony, spontaneity, and humour.

We can see his works the M.N.C.A.R.S., the I.V.A.M. in Valencia, the Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art in Seville and the Museum of Fine arts in Alava among others. In the year 2007 he was awarded the Prize Velázquez to the Plastic Arts by Departament of Culture and in 2008, was nominated an Honorary Doctorate recipient by the University of Castile-La Mancha. In 2012 he awards the Spanish National Graphics Prize and he received the title of “Favourite Son of Andalusia”.