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Marc Larré


Barcelona, Spain, 1978.

Degree in Fine Arts, Marc Larré studied between Barcelona and New York, a fact that has surely influenced the versatility he obtains when focusing on the urban landscape. His photography is impregnated with the urban object, which he uses as the total protagonist of the scene where he captures the snapshots. The objective of bringing sculptural thought to the photographic space allows Marc Larré to create illusions and landscapes of artifice through the game he plays with these elements of his most direct environment: waste materials, urban furniture, buildings… From his point of view, these materials transmute into what human beings have created with their geographical environment and the moral and cultural consequences it has entailed for the social environment throughout history.

His work is part of institutional collections such as FRAC Corse (Corsica, France), Fundació Vila Casas (Barcelona, Spain) or Bound & Unbound, Barbara Moore (New York, USA), among others.

He has been awarded several prizes, such as the Premi Antoni Vila Casas d’Escultura 2024, or the BBVA Foundation’s aid for creation in Video Art in 2015, among others.