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Miki Leal EN

Miki Leal


Seville, Spain, 1974.

Graduated in Fine Arts by the University of Seville, he lives and works between Madrid and Seville.

With a rich and complex iconography in which references to literature, music and cinema are a constant, his combination leads us to submerge ourselves in our own memories, in our deepest experiences and, perhaps because they are so deep, not conscious. His is an ironic and distanced look, which takes advantage of certain stimuli to build a poetic close to personal paradise.

His paintings are characterized by the use of paper as the only support and the use of watercolors.

He has won important awards such as the BMW Painting Prize (2016) or the Martínez Guerricabeitia Biennial (2014) and his works are part of collections such as MNCARS (Madrid), CAAC (Seville), Artium Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo (Vitoria), Patio Herreriano (Valladolid) or Hangar 7 in Salzburg (Austria), among many other