Galería Rafa

Nacho Carbó



Nacho Carbó is a visual artist and architect (graduated with a double major in Building and Urbanism, by the ETSAV and l’École d’Architecture de Paris La Villette), and PhD from the UPV with a research work about the urban scenarios between art and architecture of the late twentieth century. 

Carbó works with a fervent look at nature. His works, made mainly with vegetal elements, bring a rather unusual dimension of geometry, both in his micro-architectures and in his Haikus, warm and organic.

His works are fragile pieces, but of great creative power, conceived from the language and poetics of architecture, but with intimate dimensions and materials that emphasize the dialogue with the “interior landscapes” in which they are inserted.

His work as a plastic artist has been exhibited in Fundación Cañada Blanch (Valencia), Galería Rafael Ortiz (Seville), R.O. Proyectos (Madrid) or Galería Freijo (Madrid), among others.