Galería Rafa

Pablo Sycet


Pablo Sycet is one of the essential Andalusian painters of his generation -that of the 1980s-, possibly the last generation of artists for whom painting plays a central role.

Without ever losing sight of the centrality of painting, over three decades of continuous work, the creative work of Pablo Sycet has been deployed in a wide range of complementary fields: publishing, typography, graphic design, the foundation of art galleries, the organization of exhibitions, song lyrics, music production…

On another level, Pablo Sycet has been a fundamental bridge both geographically and generationally. Geographically speaking, through him have circulated a good part of the roads that have united Andalusia and Madrid during these decades. Although his habitual residence has been in Madrid, he has never renounced his Andalusian and especially his Granada ties; on the contrary, he has always tried to reinvest there, in Andalusia, metaphorically speaking, and sometimes even monetarily, what he has earned and learned in Madrid. From the generational point of view, he has also been a generous and detached bridge between the artists of the generations before him -from Gordillo to Guerrero- and the later ones, including the young emerging artists of this very moment.

Quico Rivas. (Madrid, Spain. 2004)