Galería Rafa

Gisela Loewe

Site seeing

Three series of photographs by Gisela Loewe (German by birth but living in Andalusia) explore in a contrapuntal way how, from the order of space and the depth of perspective, an understanding and a “deep” experience of the photographed place itself can be born. She explores which basic human experiences —the liveable metaphysics— can genuinely liberate the elements of architecture.

In the works entitled Reflejos (Reflections), Loewe creates an integral, “deep” image of the place and its spirit through the “calibration” of the different layers of space: interior space, observer, exterior space…

The works entitled Arquitecturas (Architectures) are developed in a sharp, reduced language, almost modeled in gray. Through structures of basal spaces, depths, amplitudes, corners and viewpoints of light, the artist identifies basic human experiences such as hope, spaciousness, protection, confinement and the feeling of being overwhelmed. In the visual arrangement of the basic forms and the depth of space, a kind of “higher order” becomes palpable.

The works that explore the interior-exterior are somehow located in an intermediate space between those of architecture and reflections. On the one hand, they establish a relationship with those of architecture from an interior view; but, in other cases, they act as an interposed lens that serves to question the perception of the observer.

Regina Stralka, 2015-2016