Galería Rafa

Miki Leal

La biblioteca Kandinsky


Some time ago, in an old bookstore in Paris, I found a magazine about jazz. While browsing through it, I discovered an article that caught my attention because of its singular title: “Kandinsky’s Library”. It talked about the painter’s lost library, the volumes he kept, the ones that supposedly influenced his works, and even some titles that offered unknown facets of the artist, such as his love for jazz.

I don’t know why I didn’t buy that magazine, perhaps because at the time I didn’t give much importance to the subject, but the idea stayed in my head. As the months went by, I forgot the details provided by the author of the article, details that I even tried to search for on the Internet, without success. The only thing I remembered were a couple of books described in it, and, of course, the title of the article: Kandinsky’s library.

The little information I remembered was not enough, so I began to imagine the books that the painter might have had near him in that apparently chaotic and strange library: a book of photographs of children’s games in Tahiti, books of prints of greenhouses housing exotic plants, biographies of jazz musicians, and so on.

With what I had read and imagined I have been building a project: “Kandinsky’s Library”. The theme of this exhibition at Galería Rafael Ortiz, in Seville, revolves around the imagined books, the literary landscapes and the lines that delimit them, which, on this occasion, will be represented in my paintings through the borders included in the painting and through landscapes adapted to frames and moldings of past times.

In this way, everything that has always been present in my work continues to appear in “Kandinsky’s Library”: paper as a material and as a resource; the seduction of the object both inside and outside the painting; the trompe-l’oeil …. and, above all, the excuse to enter the most private part of a painter’s atelier, his library, to observe his objects, copy them and what is most fun for me as an artist: to have the freedom to adapt them to my way of imagining and painting.



Sevilla (España), 1974

Licenciado en Bellas Artes por la Universidad de Sevilla.



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