Galería Rafa


Carlos Domingo (San Agustín, Teruel. Spain, 1969) presents us in this exhibition a series of works that he created in the last years. These are presented under the title ‘El bostezo de las piedras’ (The Yawn of the Stones), direct allusion to the poem ‘En cuanto a la imaginación de las piedras’, by Gonzalo de Rojas, with which the artist shows his intention to approach the anthropocentric experience  of time in nature with irony and disbelief.
This exhibition is based on experimentation with drawing, practicing and expanding the traditional execution of drawing -linked to representation- by playing with positions and dimensions.
In the works shown, one can recognize the artist’s interest in architecture and its link with the vital experience of the individual and the human energy on spaces. This exhibition is also a metaphorical approach with which to approach the idea of the city (hegemonic scenario of civilization) and its relationship with nature.
‘El bostezo de las piedras’ is constituted as a prelude to a project whose origin is found in the book ‘La presencia del imaginario natural en la pintura urbana contemporánea’(The Presence of Nature in Contemporary Urban Painting) by Juan Canales and Carlos Domingo.
Geometry, as a discipline that organizes space, becomes an inseparable companion of architecture. It is based on the human capacity to abstract a particular reality, which is perceived from the senses, and transform it into universal and stereotyped knowledge.
As in the construction of the original hut, the one described by Vitruvius, geometry contributes to fix the first delimitation of a place and, in this way, to separate it from the larger space that contains it: nature. The mathematical analysis of space implies, among many other considerations, recognizing the fracture that the process of civilization has inferred on the individual, distancing him from the natural environment.
Tension and light (color), compression, limits and coordinates fly over the works that can be seen in this exhibition at Galería Rafael Ortiz in Seville. The artist has fun mixing references to animals and plants with the fundamentals of architecture and space. A poetic vision that seeks in the viewer the experience of art under their most sensitive look.

Carlos Domingo began his training in Fine Arts in Valencia, where he currently teaches in the Painting Department of the Universitat Politècnica de València, for which he holds a Doctorate in Fine Arts. He is also a member of its Research Center for Art and Environment.
Since 1993 he has made multiple exhibitions nationally and internationally. His work has been recognized with awards like Premio Senyera de Pintura (2003), the Beca de Creación Alfons Roig (2005) or the Premio Nacional de Edición del Ministerio de Cultura (2012), among others.
His work is part of public collections, such as Colección CAM de Arte Contemporáneo, Fundación Chirivella Soriano, Museo de Teruel, etc.