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Antoni Socías EN

Antoni Socías


Inca, Mallorca. 1955.

Antoni Socías is an artist who works with an infinity of techniques, materials, conceptions and ways of seeing and understanding the artistic fact, with a varied language in which photography coexists with painting, drawing or collage. His work poses a commitment beyond the mere aesthetic circumstance. It is ironic and bitter, destructive and edifying, sane and unbalanced, fast and sad, aggressive and tender. In each new work of his we find a beyond, a further and deeper, if possible. 

To understand his work, we must first have the will to draw a dividing line between what is art and the art world, because that border has been the engine and the ethical principle of this work.

Reflecting conscientiously on our own actions and acting accordingly once we have detected the inadequacies of our individual system of behavior would undoubtedly help to improve the environment in which we move.

Socías has had numerous exhibitions throughout Spain and in Germany, USA, Japan and Mexico, and was the Spanish representative at the XXIV International Biennial of Sao Paulo (Brazil). His work is present in important collections such as MNCARS (Madrid), Artium (Vitoria) or Fundación Juan March, among many others.