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Antoni Socías


Majorcan artist (Inca, 1955) works with countless techniques, materials, concepts and ways of seeing and understanding the creative process. He is ironic and biting, destroyer and builder, balanced and unbalanced, quick and sad, aggressive and tender. In each new work we find a beyond, farther and more profound if that is possible.

In order to understand the work of Antonio Socías, we must be ready to trace a dividing line between what is art and what is the world of art, because this frontier has been the driving force and ethical principle of his work.

Reflect conscientiously on our own actions and act accordingly once we have detected the insufficiencies of our individual behavioural system, would, without doubt, improve the world in which we move.

He has had numerous shows throughout Spain and Germany, the USA and Japan. He was the Spanish representative at the XXIV International Biennial, Sao Paulo (Brasil).