Betsabeé Romero


Mexico City. (Mexico), 1963

Using very special materials, such as automobile tires or the cars themselves, on which she paints figures or creates conceptual illustrations, Betsabeé Romero’s work proposes a restoration of those magical-spiritual symbols that mark a devotional tradition in Mexico, resorting to emblems of territorial identity.

The diversity and richness of her references, the context that informs them (whether global or local) and the participatory process in which they emerge make Betsabeé Romero’s work current, but also timeless. It has the stamp of those artists who transform not only the History of Art, but also that of the societies in which they produce it.

During his long career he has had more than 100 solo exhibitions and his work is present in important museum collections such as MFA Houston (USA), The Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio (USA), Gelman Collection. Cuernava (Mexico) DAROS Latin America AG. Zurich (Switzerland) Sun Valley Center for the Arts (USA) FEMSA Difusión y Fomento Cultural AC, Collection (Mexico), Portoalegre Museum (Brazil) MUCA. Nacional University (Mexico), Ministry of foreign Affaire Art Collection (Mexico).

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