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Dorothea von Elbe


Dorothea von Elbe, although an American by nationality, has lived in Córdoba since the 1980s, the city where she has carried out her entire artistic career.

To develop her work, she fundamentally recreates specific details of natural reality. Nature has been a recurring motif of the arts, but also of thought. Both disciplines derive from observation and self-absorption, from the will to theorize and explain the world, from the obsession to encompass it. The healing and comforting capacity of art (as synonyms of transcendence and internalization) allows us to resort to the most ephemeral and simple as a conceptual support, because the density is caused by the singularity of the gaze, the adequate treatment of the materials and the line itself. . In von Elbe’s work, the individual object ends up becoming an icon of the absolute.

She has had individual exhibitions in Spain and the United States and her work is present in important public collections: Testimony Collection de la Caixa, National Library (Madrid) …