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Juan Francisco Isidro


He began his activity in the mid 80’s participating in group exhibitions such as “Ciudad invadida”, “Andalucía, Puerta de Europa”, among others.

In his works he uses painting, drawing and photography as support. It is a mental exercise, although it ends up becoming physical, taking shape. It seems to be enough with the minimum, with a trace, a silhouette that sometimes does not end. His latest work is a series of wooden pieces that, because of their appearance, we should call sculptures, although they are closer to the idea of drawing. Gifted with a strongly self-critical spirit, Isidro never wanted to let himself be seen, convinced that the work space was silence, exigency. An unwavering rigor.

He was awarded the L’Oréal Prize in 1990 and the Banesto Scholarship in 1992. His work is present in important museums such as MNCARS (Madrid), Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (Seville), MEIAC (Badajoz) and in several public collections such as Colección Banco de España (Madrid), Colección Telefónica (Madrid), Colección La Caixa (Barcelona) or Fundación Coca-Cola Juan Manuel Sáinz de Vicuña (Madrid).