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Natividad Bermejo EN

Natividad Bermejo


Logroño, 1961.

Natividad Bermejo is considered one of the central artists and with the greatest plastic personality in the Spanish art scene of the last thirty years, and she has been a pioneer in giving drawing the main role in her production since her first exhibitions. Always consistent with her conceptual and aesthetic approaches, her works made with graphite and black pastel are of extreme quality.
Bermejo’s work is absolutely sensorial, an invitation to experiment with our eyes, but at the same time a subtle obligation to reflect on ourselves to which the artist subjects us as a result of the contemplation of her works. It is inevitable to think about the many enigmas that surround our existence as individual human beings and our coexistence in a cosmic universe, immense in its magnitude compared to our smallness.
She has had numerous exhibitions and her work has been seen both in Spain and in various parts of Europe: Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, France…