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Nico Munuera


Possibly nothing we say can represent what Nico Munuera (Lorca, Murcia, Spain. 1974) wants to express in his color fields; we can simply make conjectures using the uncertainty of the word in front of the physical concreteness of the support. Small, apparently unimportant events that make us uneasy. The reduction of the world to a small flat plot that has the power to move us to one end of the abyss. Sublime and deep beauty of a color that expands and takes us to the field of the unreasonable.

His work always promises a bath of clamour, an invitation to reflection, and a commitment to the enigma, the memories and the slow contemplation of the life that escapes us. His creations allow the unhurried viewer to enter into barely sketched territories of insinuated beauty and remarkable strength.

He is represented in several important public collections such as the collection of the Bank of Spain, Patio Herreriano (Valladolid), La Caixa Collection or Helga de Alvear Foundation, among many others.