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Pamen Pereira


Ferrol, A Coruña. 1963

The career of Pamen Pereira, a Galician painter trained and based in Valencia, moves between the pictorial and the objectual, between the relationship between the symbolic and the natural world.

The beginnings of her career are marked by the use of elements of symbolic content such as water, oil and light with which she creates installations with a strong poetic component that will also define her later work. A work in which, starting from the photographic support in large formats, he made reproductions of the backs of sheets that he later modified or intervened, drawing or superimposing reference motifs, endowing them with an emotional charge, before mental rather than purely visual. During these years he took part in several individual and collective exhibitions, among them the II, III, IV Mostra Unión-Fenosa, XIII Salón de los 16, and the IV Bienal de Pintura Ciudad de Pamplona. His current work involves a distancing; the photographic backgrounds have become neutral white spaces on which, drawn with smoke, objects of strong allegorical charge emerge from the void. The frozen and reworked image, the real object captured in its physical presence but questioned in its temporal existence, has become a black and flaming silhouette, the profile of a negative captured in its aura. His work is in the main Spanish public collections and museums.