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Patricio Cabrera EN

Patricio Cabrera


Gines, Spain, 1958.

Patricio Cabrera belongs to one of the most interesting generations of Sevillian artists. He has a fully consolidated artistic career, which is a reflection of a constant and uniform work, developed over the last forty years.

He creates works with great plasticity, with violent yet harmonious colors, with images that are superimposed dynamically and rapturously.

In his most recent work, full of symbolism, Cabrera highlights the exoticism of vibrant and colorful compositions, with floral motifs, arabesques and a complete repertoire of iconography of very different origins, which coexist with the most diverse geometric forms.

His deep knowledge of materials (graphite, watercolor, acrylic, ink…) enhances the freshness and expressiveness of his works. He is represented in important national collections, such as Coca-Cola España, Banco de España, La Caixa, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Caja Madrid, CAAC… and international collections, such as the Marugame-Hirai Museum in Japan or the University Art Museum of Long Beach in California (USA).