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Rubén Guerrero EN

Rubén Guerrero


Seville, 1976.

Rubén Guerrero’s artistic practice constitutes an investigation into the fundamentals of painting itself, in which he investigates motifs that are repeated throughout his career, such as the two-dimensionality, the surface and the ends of the painting. For this reason, his paintings are difficult to categorize, they evoke fragmented structures whose artificial composition explores the limits of the medium, turning painting into a radically contemporary discipline.
His work has been recognized nationally and internationally and is part of collections such as the Related Group Collection (Miami), Sammlung Friedrichs (Bonn), Domus Artium Contemporary Art Center (DA2, Salamanca), the DKV Collection (Valencia), the Caixa Foundation (Barcelona) and Bombas Gens (Valencia), among others. His work has also been exhibited at the Párraga center (Murcia), CAC (Málaga), Matadero (Madrid), Artium (Álava) and at the Villa Croce Museum in Genoa (Rome) to mention just some of the most representative.