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Sonia Espigares EN

Sonia Espigares


Seville, Spain. 1987

Sonia Espigares’ photographs have the ability to unite man with nature as one more element. It doesn’t matter what they look like. The landscape is so wide, so absorbing, that it assimilates those who wander through its space as if they were part of it.

Seeing her photographs brings to mind Hopper’s painting, where the human figures appear static. They are like statues from a frozen scene. However, these photographs do not convey a sense of imprisoned characters. It is the color, the light, the feeling that the world has stopped for a moment to let us see with parsimony a scene that occurred in a foreign place, a fleeting second full of mystery that seems an isolated frame of a narrative that we do not know and must To imagine. Each character, no matter how insignificant his role in the frame, occupies just the right place.