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Teresa Duclós


Seville, Spain, 1934.

Teresa Duclós is one of the participants, along with other artists of her generation, in the creation of La Pasarela Gallery in Seville. She is one of the key figures of Sevillian lyrical realism. In 2022 she received the Gold Medal of the City of Seville, awarded by the City Council of Seville for her contribution to Art and Culture.

Nature is the main motif in Duclós’ canvases, in which human figures never appear. In his artistic production, still lifes and landscapes of soft tones stand out, which reflect a dream rather than a reality.

In Duclós’ paintings, one feels like time has stopped, or that it advances more slowly than it usually does . Her painting is a demonstration of the survival of modes of expression that, like classical myths, transcend time because they are alive. Like flamenco singers or bullfighters, who do not intend to create new ways of singing, but to delve into what they have already learned to make it their own, her goal seems to be to interpret the classical forms, adding her personal character to make them her own, to make them have the tremor of a newly created living thing.

Her work is present in important institutional collections, such as the CAAC (Seville), Fundación Luis Cernuda (Seville), the Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo Daniel Vázquez Díaz (Nerva, Huelva), the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Cáceres, the Colección Banco de España (Madrid) and the Collection of the University of Seville, among others.