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Ubay Murillo EN

Ubay Murillo


Tenerife, Spain. 1978.

Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of La Laguna, he has been living and working between Gran Canaria and Berlin for more than a decade.
Straddling several disciplines such as painting, collage and installation in which he combines different methodologies and visual solutions from one medium to another and in different media, Ubay Murillo works on the image we have -that we project- of the contemporary body after the economic crisis. In addition, he also proposes a reflection on the very disciplines with which he works.

This approach is enriched with an investigation of how the images produced by the avant-garde in the creation of the new social and physical body permeated the imaginary of consumer capitalism and how they have shaped the body that we now have and also imagine.

He has held important exhibitions in Tenerife, Madrid, Santander, Seville, Milan, Bremen, Berlin, Santander or Mexico, among many other cities, and his work is part of institutional collections such as CAAM (Atlantic Center of Modern Art, Canary Islands), CajaCanarias collection or Mapfre Foundation (Barcelona).